New Collaboration

Monde World Films is excited to announce a new collaboration with author 

Deborah Goemans. We will be working on several screenplays together that she has written as well as producing and directing. 

About Deborah Goemans: 


Deborah Goemans is a writer and storyteller living in New York. Her work is at turns humorous, bawdy, wistful, heartbreaking, and inspiring, drawn from a life lived on three continents and aging with love, loss, and the shiver of an ancient family curse.


"Deborah is a sparky, generous, and hilarious performer, on top of being a first-rate writer. Her work is insightful and evocative: she was definitely a highlight of our night!" --Georgia Clark, Producer, Generation Women

Gimme Hope

GIMME HOPE is a TV drama series that weaves true worldwide historical events with a gritty and entertaining fictional story set in Syracuse, New York. Two South African grandmothers buy a derelict church, which they hope to fix up and use as a place of reconciliation for their struggling community. Their plans are complicated by a ghost, an African-American musician, who sold the church to the two women and then committed suicide, and now finds himself spending his afterlife in the church helping others confront their own ghosts of the past.
While Gimme Hope explores historical events and doesn’t hold back on the often gory truth of those events, it’s done in a way that engages the viewer. The grandmothers are warm, joyous characters with a deep and conflicted friendship and their own dirty little secrets they must confront.

The Sexual Remedies

DRAMA TV SERIES: Set in the nineteen-twenties, an Irish sexual healer and her twenty-one-year-old granddaughter travel to the United States to open up a healing shop and find love.
This vibrant and joyful series is about the adventures and complications of love in all its various forms. Drawing from sexual mythology as well as modern day sexual healing methods, each episode begins with Granny helping a patient or a couple heal. Her healing is explicit but not in a degrading way: the overall feeling is cozy and light, rather than hardcore.

Heart of Stone

 Set in Namibia, southern Africa, Knocked Up meets Romancing the Stone in this fun rom-com/adventure film. Two renegade academics: Althea, a dance anthropologist, and Joe, a botanical pirate, are brought together en route to Namibia when their bargain airline goes bankrupt mid-Atlantic and they find themselves stranded in hellish conditions at Lusaka Airport in Zambia. They strike up a friendship and then a furtive hook-up in an absentee custodian’s closet at the airport. Joe finds a way to get out the airport and drive to Namibia, via his billionaire patron who wants him to smuggle a rare species of Lithops (flowering stones) but he can’t take Althea with him. He has a choice to say goodbye to her or just go. With a million dollars on the line he chooses to disappear. Althea is furious with him. After three days, Althea gets to Namibia to begin her work with the Nama people and after six weeks, she realizes she might be pregnant.

The Amaranth Bloom

.DRAMA This screenplay is based on my book of the same name. It is a universal story about the choices we make when our government is attempting to tell us how to live our lives. Set during apartheid South Africa, this story is as relevant today as it was then, and is relevant to the current world order as well, as demonstrated by multiple governments worldwide.
"THE AMARANTH BLOOM is sheer magic. Gorgeous writing, irresistible characters, a sense of wonder that won't quit, and a cosmology that is both fantastic and as familiar as the natural world upon which our souls so depend for breath—these are the spells Deborah Goemans' debut novel wields. This rare novel is not to be missed.” —Bruce McAllister, author of Dream Baby and The Girl Who Loved Animals.

Calabash House 

Coming Soon

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