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OCT 13, 2016

Watch David Grant's interview with the Twin Cities Film Festival  

CineMN / TPT/PBS TV Interview

January 2013

Joanne Kohler of CineMN (formerly Butter City) interviews Chace about her film 'I'm Not Black, I'm Coloured' which appeared at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival in 2011.

Eye for Film - United Kingdom

March 27, 2010

by Leanne McGrath - 4 Star review!!! 

Taxi Radio with Soli Philander


Radio personality Soli Philander interviews Kiersten live on Cape Town Radio station - Taxi Radio

SA actress gives voice to Coloureds

April 22, 2013

By Gia Kaplan - CAPE TOWN – South African born actress Lesley-Ann Brandt says a large portion of the coloured population still aren't sure how they fit into the framework of the new South Africa...

Son Op Sondag - Afrikaans News

January 2014

Lesley Aan Brand - Doccie Kom oor fletse lewe. (Afrikaans Daily)

STAR107FM.Com Radio

January 2014 - Anthony Black interviews Producer/Director Kiersten Dunbar Chace.

MetroFM Radio Cape Town - Phat Joe Breakfast Show

February 18, 2014

Radio personality Phat Joe interviews Lesley Ann Brandt and discusses Tea with Madiba.

Duluth Tribune News (Article on Solveig)

February 3, 2012 Radio with Lee Valsvik

January 12, 2014

Guest's Kiersten Dunbar Chace and David Lawrence Grant discuss their upcoming film Tea With Madiba with Lee Valsvik. 

HeartFM Radio Cape Town 104.9

Feb 19, 2015

Radio personality Irma G interviews Lesley Ann Brandt and discusses Tea With Madiba.

“Solveig”: MN filmmaker documents Duluth-based Arctic indigenous painter

April 2012

The indigenous people from the far north of Scandinavia have endured years of abuse. Governments in the region tried their best to eliminate their culture, but the Sami people persevere. These people now enjoy new legal protections and even a semi-autonomous parliament, but challenges remain. An acclaimed Twin Cities filmmaker recently focused her lens on one woman of Sami heritage who lives and paints in Duluth. Amy Clark explores the story of Solveig Arneng Johnson, and the new documentary that bears her name.

Finnish American Reporter

May 2012

Finnish American Reporter interview Solveig and Kierten Chace.

Quick visit for flash star

February 20, 2014

by Andile Ndlovu 

But the star, of Spartacus fame, is not just here to take in the sights of the Mother City, she's primarily here to gather further material for her coming documentary, Tea with Madiba...

SA Actress Home from Hollywood

February 26, 2014

By Esther Lewis Cape Town  - Lesley-Ann Brandt is living her dream. The actress has established herself in film and television, and now lives in Los Angeles. Not bad for a young woman with humble Athlone beginnings...

Cape Flats Hollywood star remembers roots

January 23, 2014

ZAlebs - By Linda Sithole Cape Flats-born Hollywood actress Lesley-Ann Brandt is using her A-list connections to give the Cape coloured community she hails from a voice she feels they’re lacking...

Baiki - The International Saami Journal

Add Date here

Issue #35,

Spring 2012

Article on Solveig and Monde World Films 

Bermuda Sun News - 2010

March 19, 2010

The New Age - South Africa

February 27, 2014

THE NEW AGE - Zwelakhe Shangase


Get Ready to Experience Tea with Madiba

Hollywood actress Lesley-Ann Brandt is in the country working on Tea With Madiba.The documentary focuses on a 20-year post-apartheid conversation, looking at the coloured community and how they feel they fit into the new South Africa...

Expresso - SABC 3 South Africa

February 24, 2014

SABC3 chats with Lesley-Ann Brandt about how she gives back...




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