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Book Release May 2024

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At the Table When is an introspection of the Coloured/mixed-race communities in South Africa, presenting a curated collection of interview conversations from two documentary films spanning twenty-one years. It comprises a gathering of narratives, intertwining the stories of individuals whose experiences merit recognition from historical, psychological, racial, political, and post-apartheid perspectives.


Going beyond traditional academic confines, the book resonates with a global readership, challenging prevailing narratives about South Africa within international scholarly circles. In addition to the interviews, the author shares behind-the-scenes glimpses of their journey across South Africa, their advocacy work at the United Nations, international conferences, and film screenings, providing a unique perspective on the making and impact of the two films. This work stands as a tribute to the resilience, heritage, and complexities of Coloured communities, inviting readers to engage with and appreciate the diverse tapestry of South Africa's history.


“The importance of what you have done, cannot be over-emphasized. People simply lose their dignity when they are not accepted for who and what they are. The artificial classification of people by governments subverts their humanity and always leads to injustice. Social justice rests on the proposition that people are free, including the freedom to accept, love and revere their own kind.”  


----- Chris Navavie Greenland

Author & Retired High Court Judge - Zimbabwe  

Pretoria, South Africa



“Your films are a marvelously nuanced examination of the complexities that underpin the formation of Coloured identity in South Africa, particularly the often challenging and contradictory forces involved with forging identities in the pursuit of racial equality. Indeed, this is an invaluable teaching tool for courses on race and ethnic relations. It is also a superb addition to the growing number of resources available for understanding the struggle for identity, agency, and self-determination on the part of multiracial individuals in our increasingly interconnected globalized society. BULLS EYE!”  


----- G. Reginald Daniel PhD

Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

Dept. of Sociology

University of California - Santa Barbara

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