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This film was made in 5 days as part of the 2010 International Documentary Challenge ( where filmmaking teams from around the world try to make a documentary over a long weekend.

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Director: Melody Gilbert, Frozen Feet Films

Producer: Kiersten Chace, Monde World Films

Cinematographer: Adrian Danciu,

Lead Editor: Emily Rumsey,

Additional Editors: Melody Gilbert, Kevin McKeever, Image Generation

Associate Producers: Angela Andrist, Amira Cohen, Emily Rumsey

Researcher: Glenn Strand

Transcribers: Ken Fox, Michael Joyce, Micheal Reano

Graphics: Vanessa Van Alstine

Composers: Thomas Case, Benny Weinbeck,

Still Photography: Sara Rubinstein, Rubinstein Photography

Website  Design: Amira Cohen​

Monde World Films
Monde World Films
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